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A Gen-Z Education Company
Aimed at curating experiential learning programs for students, CIRCEI Education Services is a one-of-a-kind initiative to redefine practical learning. At CIRCEI, creating learning hubs with excellent pedagogical practices beyond the four walls of the classroom is our primary objective. Through Model United Nations simulations, Think Tank Sessions, Cultural Immersions, and engaging Conferences, we aim to empower and educate the youth of Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities at the grass-root level. We believe that everyone deserves quality exposure, and real potential must never go to waste. We strive to act as a catalyst between learned professionals in the domain and students to expedite the cognitive learning process. In this way, we aim to create a community of global citizens who are efficient critical thinkers, problem solvers, and knowledge bearers.

We go beyond reading books, we learn while experiencing it simultaneously. Experience is the fountainhead of learning. We at CIRCEI not only guide you through a process that deepens your empirical understanding but also offer opportunities to use your knowledge.

Through our various initiatives, we foster a Globalist spirit for youth Moving beyond local and by applying a global lens, we enable to build citizens of the future in a globalized world with relevant skills and exposure

Enabling Social Emotional Learning and Skill Development to the unserved Everything needs a plan & every plan needs a mastermind. Get to be a Mastermind through our unique modules. Structuring policies to be effective and enduring.

Embrace and learn from nature while making constant efforts to conserve it. Fabricating nature (which) is viable for the ensuing and witnessing the evolution of nature for a better world to come. Re-live experiences and connect with Nature!

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