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Registrations are now Open for The Debate Hour 2021 Championship! Click here to register!

A Premier Debate Competition

The current state of the world has highlighted the importance of Spreading Awareness and Effective Deliberation while accommodating Multiple Perspectives. We strongly believe that public speaking events like Debate can build the much needed adaptive capacity in young people, and help build a Democratic society which is not only aware but also knows the importance of having an open-mind. With the aim to reinstill faith in democracy, we are delighted to bring to you the Inaugural edition of “The Debate Hour: An International Debate Championship”, hosted by CIRCEI Education Services.

Registrations are now open!

Use the link below to register. Limited spots available!

Teams Selected for Quarter Finals

Serial Name of the Participants Team Number
1 Zara & Zurie Aboobeker TDHJ06
2 Taneesha Arora & Taran Kumar TDHJ04
3 Rudraj Mehta & Torsha Das Gupta TDHJ08
4 Malavika Singh & Rashi TDHJ01
5 Arhaan Singhal & Arav Aggarwal. TDHJ05
6 Arushnath & Mihir Malik TDHJ03
7 Romeer Rao & Priyansh Sata TDHJ07
8 Adya Shivrai & Harsha Kolli TDHJ10

Serial Name of the Participants Team Number
1 Vishwanath Kannan & Gadha JJ TDHS08
2 Satyaki Dhar & Riya Deepak TDHS02
3 Bhavana P & Bhavya Sree d TDHS07
4 Sneha Mathew & Grace Carazo TDHS15
5 Aman Qureshi & Aditi Agarwal TDHS01
6 Maanyaa Anand & Rose Maria M Paul TDHS12
7 Prachi Shah & Chidambar Navalgund TDHS03

Statements for Quarter Finals


• This house believes that teachers can be replaced with computers
• This house believes that every house must mandatorily adopt a pet
• This house believes that Shakespeare is better than Kalidasa
• This house believes that Pink is a Girly Colour