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We are a GenZ Education company that aims in building a generation that is viral
in enabling impact & change, we are one-of-a-kind initiative to redefine
practical learning, creating learning hubs with excellent pedagogical
practices beyond the four walls of the classroom

About Us

Gender Equality at CES

% 100
  • Equal Representation at all levels

Building a generation that is Viral in enabling Impact!

Through dedicated classroom learning, practical hands-on leadership experience, and dedicated mentoring; students learn how to: Inspire others in their pursuit of the common good as living models of person-centered leadership.

Enabling a community of change-makers

With debate, dialogue, cultural exchanges, and experiential learning we ambition to make global citizens with learning hubs and classrooms beyond walls for the generations to come.

GenZ is GenV: Experience the Learning!

An honest attempt to redefine the scope and accessibility for the Youth to be able to voice their opinions globally and engage in International Relations, Cultural immersion, Think Tank Simulations with hands-on interdisciplinary research.

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